Millions of people are incarcerated in America’s correctional institutions; some for a few hours, most for much longer. Whatever events in their lives caused them to be locked up – they are now serving time behind bars as punishment.images (1)

When a person loses their freedom as a consequence of a crime it does not mean they stop existing. However, many are treated that way. They become forgotten. Forgotten by friends, by family and by society.

Punishment shouldn’t mean abandonment. The Bible tells us to remember those in prison as if we ourselves are locked up. Jesus tells us what we’ve done to others, we’ve actually done to Him.

A simple letter of encouragement, sharing Christ, and showing an interest can have a profound effect on an inmate. Many receive no mail, visits, or even phone calls from those on the outside.

Visit Christian Pen Pals now to see how you can get started and change someone’s life. The only cost is a stamp, some time, and a heart willing to follow Jesus’ command to remember those in prison.