I didn’t always feel this way, just the opposite actually, even as a Christian.  I was of the mindset ‘hey, too bad, they deserve whatever happens to them.’ In particular those convicted of especially terrible crimes. We all know who I’m referring to – the murderers, rapists, pedophiles – you get the gist. These individuals I felt nothing for; they were garbage, scum. Let ’em rot and get what they got coming to them.


Then something changed. Something I’d been doing for years. I was saying The Lord’s Prayer. So what, so does everybody, right? I’ll elaborate.

During a sermon I was listening to on the radio while driving home from work one afternoon, the pastor giving the sermon pointed out that the Lord’s prayer states: forgive US OUR sins as WE FORGIVE THOSE who sin against US [my paraphrasing].

I had been speaking the words for years, since childhood, I just had never listened to them. I was asking the Lord to forgive my sins the same as I had forgiven those who sinned against me. Whoa! Wait a second, I was supposed to be forgiving others. I hadn’t been holding up my end by forgiving others even though I was asking and expecting God to forgive me.

To be continued..

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