Mail for Prison Inmates is Important

Arguably, mail is the most important item in an inmate’s life. Every day a C.O. (correctional officer) comes around to each individual cell and yells the names of the lucky recipients. Envelopes and papers are the tales of whom’s important in that wing, cell, pod, or building.

Imagine the joy or the pain being decided by this officer. This officer represents more than the deliverer of mail; I mean, everyone knows that this dude ain’t the ones that wrote the letters or didn’t. We all just hoped that he would be our best ally to feeling loved…he held the piece of mail!

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A Change of Heart

I didn’t always feel this way, just the opposite actually, even as a Christian.  I was of the mindset ‘hey, too bad, they deserve whatever happens to them.’ In particular those convicted of especially terrible crimes. We all know who I’m referring to – the murderers, rapists, pedophiles – you get the gist. These individuals I felt nothing for; they were garbage, scum. Let ’em rot and get what they got coming to them.


Then something changed. Something I’d been doing for years. I was saying The Lord’s Prayer. So what, so does everybody, right? I’ll elaborate.

During a sermon I was listening to on the radio while driving home from work one afternoon, the pastor giving the sermon pointed out that the Lord’s prayer states: forgive US OUR sins as WE FORGIVE THOSE who sin against US [my paraphrasing].

I had been speaking the words for years, since childhood, I just had never listened to them. I was asking the Lord to forgive my sins the same as I had forgiven those who sinned against me. Whoa! Wait a second, I was supposed to be forgiving others. I hadn’t been holding up my end by forgiving others even though I was asking and expecting God to forgive me.

To be continued..